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  1.The field location

  Within the territory of the Shanghai international circuit is located in the jiading district of Shanghai, located in folk namsoon thick, nostalgia of the jiangnan town - anting town northeast, with the Shanghai international auto city adjacent renowned in the world, 30 km from downtown of Shanghai, 20 km away from Shanghai hongqiao airport. Surrounded by jia jin (A5), surrounded by loose, A30 highway, rail transit line R3 direct circuit of the plan.

  The Shanghai international circuit circuit and main building design designated by the fia F1 professional circuit design company, Germany began grams. Circuit stand design size of about 200000 people, including the main sub-grandstand 50000 seats, the rest of the temporary stands for ramp. Main building of circuit and other main building about 150000 square meters, including the deputy stands, the field command center, press center, the team the living quarters, pit, etc. These buildings have adopted the design concept of modern design combined with Chinese traditional culture.

  Address: Shanghai jiading district yining road 2000

  2.Transportation guide

  2.1 Metro Line 11

  During the day of April 18-20, the Shanghai Circuit Station will be opened as usual. You may arrive and leave the circuit by Metro Line 11.

  Main line: Shanghai Circuit Station

  Branch Line: Bai Yin Road Station

  2.2 Shuttle Bus

  The spectator shuttle buses will be arranged forth and back between the Shanghai Audi International Circuit P8 and the CaoXi trabsportation Hub(5minutes walk from the metro line No.3 Cao Xi Rd Station).

  Ticket price: only round trip ticket is proxided and it costs 50 RMB perpassenger.

  Shuttle Bus Timetable:

  Cao Xi Rd-----------》Shanghai Audi Int. Circuit

  April 19th 9:00a.m. —12:00a.m.

  April 20th 9:00a.m. —12:00a.m.

  Shanghai Audi Int. Circuit-----------》Cao Xi Rd

  April 19th 16:00p.m. —until one hour after the last race

  April 20th 16:00p.m. —until one hour after the last race

  2.3 The audience self-drive

  Shanghai Audi International Circuit in a Jia Song north road, Jiao Huan, Jiading-Jinshan expressway junction, yining road 2000.

  1)Shanghai-nanjing expressway (A11) - jiading-jinshan expressway (A5) - baoan highway ramp up - AnChen road - - south inner ring road - 1 into the tunnel.


  2)Hujia expressway (A12) - malu ramp up - baoan road, AnChen road, south inner ring road, no. 1 tunnel into.

Ticket Information Help

When would I order the tickets?
You can book the tickets now.
If I am in the field (overseas), how to book the tickets?
You can visit our official website for online booking or call the ticket booking hotline.
How to buy student tickets?
Ticket price takes RMB price as criterion according to the exchange rate of US dollar of that very day.
Do Children need the ticket? Do you offer the child discount ticket?
Children also need the full price of admission tickets.
Do I need to buy three tickets for the 3 days?
You can see all the games in 3 days with one ticket.
Are package tickets available? In which form?
You can see all the games in 3 days with one ticket.
About exit halfway and entry again?
You can entry again with the same ticket before the end of an event on the same day.
Are Grass tickets the Non-seating tickets?
Yes, you could bring a folding fabric chair or folding fabric stool.
How do I refund and exchange tickets?
we do not accept refund and replacement tickets.
Supposing it rains, what will you do?
The detailed timetable will be updated on the www.shformula1.cn.
If I lost my ticket, can you reissue the tickets?
We do not make up lost .Please keep your ticket safe.